Formula 9

Formula 9



Can benefit acute seasonal allergies.

These ancient Chinese herbal formulas have been in use for thousands of years and are known to treat a myriad of conditions. We have pre-cooked the formulas into a traditional decoction or tea, and are packaged into pouches for your convenience. All you need to do is cut the packet open and pour into a cup, and drink it. You may also place the pouch in hot water to warm the contents of the pouch before drinking to assist assimilation. It is recommended to consume one packs twice daily (morning and night), for up to one to two weeks.

**Please note that these teas are medicinal in flavor and not a culinary experience.


Alkalized Purified Water
Chai Hu (Radix Bupleuri)
Ban Xia (Rhizoma Pinelliae Tematae)
Fu Ling (Scierotium Poriae Cocos)
Ju Hua (Flos Chrysanthemi Morifolii)
Wu Wei Zi (Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis)
Bai Shao (Radix Albus Paeoniae Lactiflorae)
Cang Zhu (Rhizoma Actactylodis)
Gan Jiang (Dry Rhizoma Zingiberis)
Gui Zhi (Ramulus Cinnamomi Cassiae)
Huang Qin (Radix Scutellariae Baicalensis)
Xi Xin (Herba Asari Cum Radice)
Zhi Gan Cao (Radix Glycyrrhizae preparata)

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