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We are driven to be the ambassador of your health and well being by optimizing your performance in health and mental wellness through foods, supplements, and alternative healing.


Our Story

The Source is about helping people understand the power of the individual’s ability to heal. This story, for me, started over 20 years ago. I lost my sister, Gina, pictured above, to complications of depression and bulimia.  It has taken me a great portion of my life to deal with my own emotional views and acceptance of the loss of my sister. Through the years, I have been searching for ways to help myself and my family keep a healthy mind and body through alternative healing.  Through exploration and discovery, I have compiled different modalities to optimize my spiritual, mental, and emotional balance. After this discovery, I was inspired to share it with others so that they too can heal if they choose. Here is where I offer The Source, which I believe is an incredible resource for alternative healing. There is nothing more proactive than feeding and nourishing your body with the most optimal of resources. Just through food alone, you will see immediate changes in your physiological and psychological state.  I had my own struggles over the years dealing with exactly that. By implementing a whole food - plant based diet, engaging in exercise, practicing meditation, enhancing my spirituality, and using other alternative healing modalities, I have found a happy balance in my own life. I want to help people feel this happy balance in their lives as well! I have found that within myself is an undeniable and overwhelming passion to give back. I believe that the core structure of who I am has led me to founding The Source.

I believe these values have come from my parents and the learning institutions that I have been fortunate enough to attend over the years.  Presentation High School is responsible for some of the best days of my life. Through Presentation, I have acquired core values that have helped me as a person and as a parent to be a productive part of society. This is why my family, in honor of my sister Gina, put together the Gina Bonnici Endowment Fund at Presentation. We are building this fund to give back to the Willow Glen Community by offering assistance through a financial aid scholarship. Nothing makes me happier than being able to give another person the opportunity, like I have had, to experience Presentation as a learning tool. Like myself, Gina’s years in high school were well spent at Presentation and were happier days. She was an excellent example of Presentation’s motto, Not Words But Deeds, as she constantly would give and give and give and want nothing in return.


Lee Rhodes , founder of glassybaby, was battling cancer for the third time when she found peace by dropping lights in candles and glassybaby was formed! 10% of the revenue from every purchase is donated to the “glassybaby white light fund” to support organizations that give financial and emotional assistance to those in need, in order to promote hope and healing. Here at The Source, 10% of every glassybaby sale is being donated to the National Eating Disorder Association in honor of my sister, Gina, and others who suffer from this same disease. Give the beautiful, colorful gift of kindness today!

About the founder: Lisa O'Hara

Founder of The Source and Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC), Lisa developed a passion for health after spending the better part of her life exploring health, fitness, and what makes the human body optimize in health and performance. Through this journey, she has refined the tools that helps her maintain a lifestyle that embodies wellness. She is very excited to be able to offer The Source as a turning point for others to find themselves. Through trial and error, she accumulated the resources that are the foundation of The Source. Through The Source, these services are offered to help others minimize their own search and discovery of their own healing potential. There was never a moment as a teenager, student, wife, or mother that she personally didn’t want to find a solution to her own road blocks on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. She does not claim that there is only one way.  In her opinion, she believes and knows that there are many ways. With that belief system, she offers you The Source. What makes us different is our constant goal to source out and find the best of what is available in the marketplace today.