On The Spot Juice

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OTS, or On the Spot, is our coined name for the made-to-order juice offerings we have at The Source. On a daily basis, we bring in locally grown, non-gmo, and organic produce whenever possible making these juices a great option for a nutrient-dense juice treat. What are the similarities between a cold press and an “On the Spot” juice? Well, the delivery system is the same and you get the same nutrients. Using the process of cold-press, you are able to sustain the raw enzymes for up to three days. Whereas, the “on the spot” will immediately have a shelf life of one to two hours as it begins to be oxidized by the air. We also offer “On the Spot” if you want to order a customized juice. We have different ways to deliver the nutrients to the individual at The Source from the Nutrifast juicer to the cold press machine. We offer solutions to the individual's desire; with or without fiber… it is up to you!

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