Facts, Fiction, and the Truth? 

Through our own practical experience and research, we have compiled our theories, concepts, and consciousness that we apply here at The Source. We hope it helps you make decisions to better your own health. In our opinion, this information,  research, and the whole food, plant based healing properties of our ingredients will help enhance your health and life journey. 

Why Should I Cleanse?

When you cleanse, you give your digestive system a break. It works hard to digest your food everyday. By cleansing, you relieve your digestive system of its duties so the body can then focus on healing and revitalizing other parts of you. Without even realizing it, you take in toxins from the environment everyday. Whether that is from the air, water, or your food. It is all absorbed into your system and eventually may show itself as a preventable chronic disease, weight gain, inflammation, allergies, cravings, sleep problems, low energy levels, hormone issues, skin irritations, or even mental and emotional concerns.  The research that we have seen leads us to believe that many of these are preventable!  Everyday, toxins continue to build up in your body. When this happens, the body will leach minerals from the organs and bones. A cleanse detoxifies and helps your body flush out these harmful substances, energize, and bring the body back to a neutral, alkaline state. Simply, a cleanse can catapult you into a healthier lifestyle overall.

Eva Goicochea