Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse Benefits & Tips For Success

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A cold pressed juice cleanse has endless benefits and can quickly boost energy levels, the immune system, and help you lose weight naturally.


What Is So Special About Cold Pressed Juice?

Here at The Source we extract our raw fruits and vegetables utilizing the cold pressed method of technology. This makes our juices especially beneficial for optimizing the benefits of one’s juice cleanse experience. The cold pressed juices we offer our community, come  with the best quality for your taste buds and your overall health. With our organic juice cleanses, we provide fresh and raw juiced fruit and vegetables bottled here at The Source. As our juices are extracted with cold-pressed technology, they are to be consumed within 3 days. This is unlike the  juices at most markets, which have a longer shelf but are also loaded with unnecessary added preservatives.

What Is the Difference Between Cold Pressed & Regular Juice?

Cold pressed juicing is a new process for optimizing the quality of organic raw juice one is getting. Cold pressed juicers are much different than the traditional juicer which uses heat. A cold-pressed juicer instead uses a hydraulic press to extract juice. With no additional heat or oxygen used, little to no nutrients are lost or damaged in the process. In traditional juicing and pasteurization, the exposed heat oxidizes nutrients making the juice much less nutritious than with cold-pressed technology. With the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals extracted and bioavailable, the body will increase it’s nutrient intake, cleanse its gut, and also allows for weight loss to be much easier. 

Is A Juice Cleanse Healthy?

Not only is a cleanse healthy, but the many juice cleanse benefits have the ability to upgrade ones health on multiple levels. As you cleanse your body, you in turn have the opportunity to also change or cleanse out your life. As our organic juice cleanses detoxify your body, they assist your body in flushing out what could be harmful substances and toxins. With the organic juices allowing the body to receive its essential minerals and nutrients without utilizing digestion, the body goes into self-cleaning mode. Working to bring the body back to a pure alkaline state.

What Does A Juice Cleanse Do To Your Body?

On any given day, whether one is aware of it or not, toxins continue to build up in your body. When this happens, the body may leach vital minerals from the organs and bones. This is why cleansing is incredibly beneficial for all bodies. There are numerous juice cleanse benefits that will change your life for the better and bring the body back to its natural pure state. Other benefits include weight loss, digestive health, decreasing inflammation, soothing allergies, and increasing overall energy and vitality levels. Simply, a cleanse can catapult you into an overall healthier lifestyle. 

Some juice cleansing tips include to start eating a cleaner, whole food, plant based diet before you start the cleanse. This includes eliminating any highly processed foods such as dairy, meat, and all other animal based products. This will help your body have an easier time adjusting to the detox juice cleanse.  Many people question what to eat after a juice cleanse, we recommend continuing a plant based diet as well as refrain from eating processed. If meat and dairy products are in your diet, slowly reintroduce them back into your routine. 3 day juice cleanses are the most effective because it gives the body enough time to fully reset and receive all the benefits of juicing. Some of the juice cleanse side effects that people have experienced have been headaches, fatigue, moodiness, as well as hunger. Depending on how you prepare for your cleanse, you can prevent some of the side effects. Most people don't experience hunger cleansing with The Source. At The Source, we offer Chinese medicine formulas and individual treatments available to best assist you in alleviating any unwanted side effects of your organic juice cleanse. 

Benefits Of A Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

One of the primary benefits of a cold pressed juice cleanse, is that it will give your digestive system a much needed break. Day in and day out this primary system in the body is always on the clock, but does it have to be? By cleansing with a vegan juice cleanse, you relieve your digestive system of its duties, so the body can focus on healing and revitalizing other parts of you. In our modern lifestyle, you are exposed and take in a wide degree of toxins from the environment, air, water, and food. Toxins do not only appear as pollutants but also, heavy metals, pesticides, synthetic ingredients in body care products and cosmetics, hard minerals, and GMO’s. 

Considering how our skin is the largest organ on our body, most of these toxins are absorbed by the body through our skin. Over time these toxins may surface as what could have been a preventable chronic disease, weight gain, chronic inflammation, allergies, uncontrollable cravings, sleep problems, low energy levels, hormone issues, acne, skin irritations, or even mental and emotional concerns. The research that we have seen leads us to believe that many common ailments caused by toxicity in the body, are preventable! 


Closing Thoughts About Cold Pressed Juicing

Organic cold pressed juice cleanses are an incredible solution to resetting the body back into its optimal alkaline and pure state. Here at The Source you can be assured that our juices are made with the best quality organic ingredients with the most up to date juicing technology. We recommend our 3 day juice cleanses as it allows the body optimal amount of time to detox, flush, replenish, and fully receive all the benefits of full body cleansing. As the local ambassador of your health and wellbeing, The Source is the answer you have been searching for!

Ready To Try A Juice Cleanse at The Source?

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